Aditya Dinesh

Game Programmer

Who am I ?

Hi! I am Aditya Dinesh. A Game Programmer, Developer, Enthusiast and a Big Time Gamer since ’95!!! I started my Game Dev journey 4 years back while I was still graduating for my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering in India. Started from making a couple of platform games (mainly Sonic games coz I am a big Fan), till I came to Canada 2 years back and started honing my game programming skills while studying at Sheridan College pursuing Game Development program. I developed games in different genres like 2D, 3D, Multiplayer, VR, Arcade and more. To know about my work check my portfolio below and feel free to check my resume by clicking the button below.










I have developed most of my games using Unity Game Engine and have good amount of experience with it. I have also developed tools for analytics and design using Unity as well.

Visual Studio

I have utilized this tool for writing C++ and C# scripts for game and web development. I have also used Visual Studio for other Winform projects as well. 

Version Control

I am well familiar with Git Version Control system. I have used SourceTree for Git GUI. All my projects are available as repositories on my GitLab profile.

Project Management

Working individually or in a team, I have used HacknPlan, Trello for managing tasks in each project with respect to Backlogs, Weekly Sprints, Task Boards.

Virtual Reality

I have fair amount of experience with VR while working on a project with the Oculus Rift S. Additionally, I also developed a tool to integrate the menu system with pointer for this project.

Photon Pun

I have some experience in using Photon PUN with Unity for Multiplayer Games. I have developed two multiplayer games using Photon Pun.



~ Contact Me ~

Mississauga, ON, Canada