Aditya Dinesh

Game Programmer


Play as a shapeshifter thrown into a battle between nature and machines. Seamlessly transform between two forms, the agile Raccoon and the brute Bear, engaging in strategic stealth, puzzle solving and wondrous exploration in the world of Wild Shape.

Wild Shape is a student capstone project made in 12 weeks by the Cajed Games team made of 7 students from Sheridan College, Oakville, Trafalgar Campus, Canada.


  • Use natural powers to solve puzzles and evade enemies
  • Interact with NPC character living in Wild Shape
  • Find collectibles throughout the world of Wild Shape
  • Switch between forms to traverse obstacles
  • Explore the world of Wild Shape


Dakshvir Singh Rehill

Aditya Dinesh

Camila Kukulski

Erin Mcdermott

Jesse Aguirre

Jolie Wu

Yun Bao

⇔  Project Manager, Gameplay & AI Programmer

⇔  Tech Lead, Systems Programmer

⇔  Narrative Designer, Level Designer

⇔  Art Director, Level Designer

⇔  QA Lead, Level Designer

⇔  3D Environment Modeler, 2D Artist

⇔  3D Environment Modeler, Character Artist

My Contributions

Camera System using Cinemachine

Custom Dialogue System for interacting with NPCs.

Checkpoint System to store Game data.

Audio Settings for tweaking different audio in the game.

Custom Editors

Tutorial System 

AI for NPCs