Aditya Dinesh

Game Programmer


1 Life is a 2D platformer game about an individual who gives his all to fulfill an unusual request. Venture on this epic quest with Hero, and dive into the mysteries of a world unknown. This game was a solo project made using the Unity game engine.

[ All Assets and Soundtrack were downloaded from and the credit for them entirely goes to their respective owners. ]


  • The Player and the Immuni – Heart :

The Player a.k.a. “Hero” needs to get the “Immuni-Heart” back to the Hospital in his town to cure ailing patients. This heart is protected by a glass container which keeps it in stable condition. If this container breaks the heart will start degenerating and eventually get destroyed.

  • The Enemies :

Ground Enemies

  1. These enemies move from Point A to Point B and then back to point A and keeps repeating in a horizontal manner.
  2. Once it collides with the player it stops for a few seconds and returns back to its original course of horizontal movement.

Flying Enemies

  1. These enemies are either pursuing a horizontal path similar to ground enemies or are stationary until the player enters it’s detection range.
  2. Once the player is detected it starts chasing the player using the path follow steering behavior which helps it to navigate through the level while avoiding obstacles and choosing the shortest path to its target.
  3. These enemies also stop for a while once it collides with the player. While chasing the player, if the player manages to get out of its detection range, the enemy will stop chasing and return back to its original path.

Shooting Enemies

  1. These enemies are stationary at a point till the player enters it’s detection range.
  2. Once the player is detected it starts shooting projectiles at the player till the player get’s hurt or exits the detection range.
  3. If the player gets hit by the projectile it stops for a while and then returns back to its original behavior.
  • The Traps :

There are two types of traps in this game. The first one is falling spikes which are hanging at some ceiling and falls down as soon as the player gets under it. And the other type is the breakable ledges which becomes weak when a player steps on it and falls down after a few seconds.