Aditya Dinesh

Game Programmer

The Legend of Sheridan

<--- Overview --->

Legend of Sheridan is a Unity3D game developed using C# where you play as ‘Coby’ a Dude with a red cap. The world is set in Coby’s dream where you, as the player traverse through two dungeons where you fight enemies, pick up weapons, open doors, shoot arrows at flying dragon pigs and ride a moped.
This game was developed to mimic Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening. The purpose for building the game was to showcase our understanding of Player CCC, Animations blend Trees and Unity Mechanim, Combat, Scene Management and the Usage of Inverse Kinematics (IK).

[ All assets were downloaded from unity’s asset store. The credit for them goes to their respective owners. ]


Aditya Dinesh

Shreyas Babu

Gameplay Programmer

Gameplay Programmer

<--- Gameplay --->


  • Two handed sword – Swings around damaging all enemies hit.
  • One handed sword – Slashes in front damaging a single enemy. 
  • Bow and Arrow – Shoots arrows in the aiming direction. 


  • Tony – Runs upto the player and melee attacks. 
  • Boom!– Runs up to the player and self destructs.
  • Dragon Pig – Shoots fire balls at the player.

Locomotive Mount & Door Key

  • Drive around on a moped to escape from the flying enemy. (IK for hands and legs)
  • Open doors with a key. (IK for the hand while opening the door)

<--- My Contributions --->

Player Controller

Weapon Mechanics

Player IK for Weapons and Moped

Scene Management

Platforms and Chest Logic

<--- Gallery --->