Aditya Dinesh

Game Programmer


Opbjext is a 2D multiplayer arcade platformer made during our college’s (Sheridan College) Annual Design Week Challenge for the Sheridan Arcade Cabinet. It is a 2v2 competitve game wherein your goal is to retreive your “Opbjext” from the enemy’s base, and bring it back to your base, with the help of different weapons like rocks, bombs and spike traps.


Aditya Dinesh
Fred Duffield
Chris Hewson
Peyton Blake
Riley Jackson
Alina Zhang

Lead Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Lead Designer
Level Designer
UI Artist
Character Artist


The primary goal of the game is to get your Opbjext from the enemy’s base and return it back to your base. The game starts with both the players at the center of the stage. However barricade is placed on either sides of the screen which only allows access to the player if they damage their opponent. For this purpose three types of weapon fall from the sky randomly, which are :-

Rocks    :
Bombs   :
Spike Trap   :

Charge and throw at your enemy for instant damage.
Charge and throw bomb which explodes after a second giving wider area for damage.
Charge and Throw trap which sets after falling on ground. When player enters the trap his movements are stopped. He can only escape after a couple jumps. This weapon does not damage the player.

My Contributions

Player Movement
Integration for Sheridan Arcade Cabinet
Scene Management
Camera Control
Project Managment
Asset Integration